Welcome to Stillman Dairy Farm!

Stillman Farm CowStillman Dairy Farm is a fourth-generation family farm. We milk the cows, we bottle the milk, we deliver the milk. We do it all. You know where your milk comes from, and the people that help get it to you. Our cows are grass-fed. They graze on our open fields, and eat hay and silage that we grow. Grass-fed milk is higher in Omega-3 content, has higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (a good fat that helps reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease) and is higher in vitamin E. Compared to average (Holstein) milk, Jersey milk contains 15–20% more protein, 15–18% more calcium and 20% more butterfat. This gives our milk a richer, creamier taste—even our skim milk!

IMG_OurFarmWe do not use any artificial growth hormones on our cows. We never have and we never will. We grow our own feed without any artificial fertilizers or pesticides. We fertilize only with our own cow manure. We even sell composted cow manure for use on your home garden.

There used to be a time when everyone drank local milk. We’re trying to bring that back. Getting milk from Stillman Dairy Farm is
an opportunity to eat local, every single day.

Stop by the farm at 991 Lancaster Avenue in Lunenburg and see where your milk comes from.